Political platforms

Liberal Platform

  • Increase Canada Student Grants for full- and part-time students, by up to $1,200 per year 
  • Support students with student loans by:
    • Providing two years after graduation to begin paying off their student loans, interest-free
    • Delaying student loan repayments until graduates make at least $35,000 and put a hold on payments if their income ever falls below this level
    • Pausing student loan repayments for new parents until their child turns five
  • Offer additional compensation to provinces and territories that do not participate in the Canada Student Loan Program.
  • Help establish the Université de l’Ontario français
  • Pay employers up to $10,000 per apprentice to open up spaces
  • Work with the Canadian Institutes of Heath Research to integrate sex and gender-based analyses, as well as diversity analyses, to ensure research takes diversity factors into account to improve women’s healthcare
  • Invest an additional $30 million in 2020 for pediatric cancer research
  • Provide funding to SSHRC and CIHR to create academic research grants for studies on race, diversity, and gender in Canada
  • Create a National Institute for Women’s Health Research, the first of its kind in Canada, to bring together experts in women’s health from across the country to tackle persistent gaps in research and care

Full Liberal platform.

Conservative Platform

  • Increase both the Canada Health Transfer and the Canada Social Transfer
  • Raise the government’s contribution to an RESP from 20 to 30 percent for every dollar invested up to $2500 a year
  • Work with colleges and universities to make sure courses, programs, and academic curricula reflect the demands of today’s labour market

Full Conservative platform.

Bloc Québécois Platform

  • Increase transfer payments for health and education
  • Work with the First nation communities to ensure they have more control over money spent on education, justice and culture.
  • Commit $75 million per year for 4 years for sustainable agriculture research
  • Increase funding for university research

Full Bloc Québécois platform.

NDP Platform

  • Work with provinces and territories to cap tuition fees
  • Eliminate interest on federal portion of student loans
  • Move away from loans by significantly increasing access to Canada Student Grants at a cost of $500 million at full-phase in and rising slowly thereafter
  • Invest to bring all schools on First Nations reserves up to provincial standards, fulfilling “Shannen’s Dream” parliamentary motion of 2012
  • Expand financial assistance and increase educational opportunities for children who grew up in care, and support distance education for rural and remote students
  • Impose a one percent training levy on business, as well as a Workers Development Opportunities Fund to ensure there are training opportunities for those not eligible for EI
  • Invest in several key research areas, including critical health issues, agriculture, forestry, and ocean science

Full NDP platform.

Green Platform

  • Commit funding in federal-provincial transfers to universities, providing more to universities and colleges with a measurable focus on student-professor contact, mentorship, policies of inclusion and tenure track hires
  • Invest $10 billion to eliminate tuition fees for all Canadian students
  • Remove the two per cent cap on increases in education funding for Indigenous students and ensure all Indigenous youth have access to post-secondary education
  • Forgive the portion of existing student debt that is held by the federal government
  • Enhance funding for the granting councils to fulfill the funding recommendations outlined in Canada’s Fundamental Science Review
  • Restore and augment Climate Change and Atmospheric Research (CCAR) funding to NSERC and ensure ongoing funding for the Polar Environment Atmospheric Research Laboratory
  • Establish a portal where all government science, including the evidence the government uses to make decisions, is available to Canadians in a comprehensible form
  • Adopt policies similar to Europe’s “Plan S” to ensure that scientific publications based on publicly-funded research are available in open access journals or on the portal
  • Support NSERC’s Framework on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in scientific research, and commit to strengthening Canadian scientific and engineering communities to include the full participation of equity-seeking groups

Full Green platform.