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This election will in part be a contest of competing visions for pandemic recovery.  We must demonstrate the essential role of CAUT’s members and post-secondary education to improve Canada and move forward in the post-pandemic world. Canada needs its federal government to partner with provinces and universities and colleges to improve affordability, access, and quality of post-secondary education and research. This also includes tackling inequities by protecting minority language education and closing the gap in Indigenous education access and attainment.  

Which vision becomes reality will depend on what you and your colleagues, and people like you, do now.  

To help your association build and implement an effective campus campaign, CAUT has created tools, tips, and resources for building your election campaign plan and calendar. CAUT’s organizers are also here to support you. Contact them at [email protected]. 

A man stands in front of a building holding a sign that reads: "No cuts to education". Close-up picture of a microphone
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