Sample agenda for first organizing meeting

  1. Welcome and Introductions
    1. Use this as an opportunity to get to know everyone in the room. Ask members to share what is motivating them to take part in the campaign. What is at stake for them this election? What experience, skills and ideas are they hoping to bring to the campaign?
  2. Overview of the Campaign
    1. Give members an understanding of the broader context and the CAUT national campaign.
  3. Develop a campaign plan
    1. Work with members to define your campaign goals and create a plan that works towards these objectives. Refer to CAUT’s Organizing Guide for ideas of strategies and tactics.
  4. Tentatively map out your campaign on a calendar. Use CAUT’s sample calendar as an example.
  5. Schedule next meeting
    1. Remember: Members are much more likely to return if they have committed to tasks and if they feel that their skills are being used.
  6. Adjournment